Virtualized App - Feature Block

June 2, 2010 by Ramesh

Any virtualized application is divided into two blocks namely “Feature Block 1” and “Feature Block 2”.

What data goes into Feature block 1 is defined by the operations performed by the user during the launch phase of the sequencing process. It is a wise idea to launch as much functionality as possible within the application which would ensure a bigger FB1 (Feature Block 1) size. Rest of the application would go into FB2 (Feature Block 2). FB1 is the minimum necessary block of data required for successful launch and FB2 is streamed to the client PC as the user starts using the application

There are circumstances where you might not want to launch the shortcut during the launch phase which would set the size of FB1 to “0” (Zero). Under these circumstances, entire application is streamed to the user upon first launch, thereby making it evidently slower than having a non-zero sized FB1.


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