Troubleshooting Virtualized Application

June 13, 2010 by Ramesh

Troubleshooting virtualized application could be a nightmarish experience if we don’t understand the usage of sfttray.exe

sfttray.exe comes in very handy to access the access the asset directory (Q Drive) in fact, that is the only way to get access into Q:

The below command is the way we do it
Sfttray /exe cmd “OSD"

Upon executing the above command, a new command (cmd) window opens which has access to the bubble (asset directory)

In the new command window, type
Explorer Q:

You will see a folder with a lock symbol on it meaning you can open it for troubleshooting purpose.

In the new command window, type
to see any services your application has. Needless to say you will have to move to the "services" tab


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