String And Multi String Values in Registry Table

June 12, 2010 by Ramesh

SequenThere is a stark difference between String and Multi string values in the registry table. Beyond a shadow of doubt it is comprehendible that they cannot be interchanged. To identify the multi string values in registry look out for [~] values. These values cannot be changed under any circumstances as doing so would result in a launch failure or break the functionality of the application.
Lets take a deeper look into this with an example of Business Objects

Business Objects

While sequencing Business Objects applications, it is absolutely essential to retain the registry data as it is for the reason that the application has lots multi string values and the functionality is dependent on these values.

While installing the application to a mount point (Q:) registry references should be updated accordingly. Business Objects, in this case, has registry data reading as “[ProgramFilesFolder]Business Objects[~]Data” so on and so forth. To get your virtual app working find and replace the above value with [INSTALLDIR][~]Data. Failing to do so would result in an incomprehensible error message


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