Sequencing Neovest 5.5

August 11, 2010 by Ramesh

The application Neovest 5.5 has multiple issues when we virtualize it for Win7.

Issue After physically installing the app, shortcut prompts for elevation when launched. This translates into an error while launching the virtualized shortcut which is "Requested Operation Requires Elevation"

Solution set the Environment variable as follows 

Issue Java is required for successful launch. Launching the shortcut on Win7 throws the following error.

Solution <WORKINGDIR> should be set to the location of the java (i.e <WORKINGDIR>T:\8.3\</WORKINGDIR>)

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Requested Operation Requires Elevation

August 8, 2010 by Ramesh

If you are new to AppV, Errors which show up might sound greek and latin to you. A point in case is 

After virtualizing applications, and launching them on Win7 might cause an "Requested operation requires elevation" error

Visually this is what they translate into

To solve the above problem, Add the below to the OSD File

              The same is applicable for any application which throws the above error. For Instance, Dreamweaver 2004 
iPatch Manager 6.0 and 
Omnipeek 5.0

shows up the same error as well.

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Sequencing Evidence Manager Investigator 5.0

August 4, 2010 by Ramesh

Issue Be it physical installation or virtual application, The shortcut fails to kick in on Win7. This doesn't mean the application can't be sequenced.

Solution During Sequencing process, an INI file named "Evidence.ini" ought to be located. Below shown is the content of the file

RegistryRoot="Software\\MarchNetworks\\Evidence Manager\\Version 2.0"

In the above file
StartupFile and ConfigFile should be updated with appropriate value for successful launch of the application

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