Environment Variables in Virtual App

June 8, 2010 by Ramesh

As we all know that Environment variables play a vital role in many applications, the way they are handled in a virtual app is radically different from that of a physically installed application.
   Below mentioned points discriminates behavior of virtually defined environment variables from that of physical ones.

• The Environment Variable defined exists ONLY when the application is active. The variables are cleared once the application is closed.

• The environment variable inside the virtual app will override the values defined by the Operating system.

• All the variables are treated as User variable even if gets captured as a variable defined at system level.

This is how an environment variable is defined inside OSD
                  <[ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE="TEMP"]>Value<[/ENVIRONMENT]>

Multiple environment variables can be defined within the tag using the above syntax. Needless to say that above XML content will return a parser error because of "[". Removing this would get the us the job done


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