Block Size, Compression Algorithm

June 1, 2010 by Ramesh

Below mentioned are the major changes in AppV 4.6
• Disappearance of the option to select the block size.
After an in-depth analysis, Microsoft decided to set “64kb” as the default block size for the applications sequenced using AppV 4.6 “Which CANNOT be changed”
Block Size internally defines the amount of the data that is transmitted in out-of sequence packets when a user accesses the part of the program which was not part of the initial launch. This means less number of blocks will be requested by the user as the block size is more.

• Monitoring page is redesigned
There is a new progress bar in the background during the sequencing phase. The presence of a progress bar indicates that the system changes are being captured. This gives a better understanding to the sequence engineer as against the minimized sequencing window in App-V 4.5

Compression algorithm allows us to compress the size of the SFT file. An uncompressed SFT file would take relatively longer time to stream over the network as against a compressed SFT. When you compress the SFT, though the streaming would be much faster, the data requires a decompression algorithm at the client which is CPU intensive. The default option is “Not Compressed


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