Importance of Exclusion List

June 10, 2010 by Ramesh

Before sequencing any application, it is a very good practice to explore the source (most probably msi) to better comprehend the structure of installation of the files and registries and INI files as well. 

For Instance, by default, “CSIDL_PERSONAL” is excluded during the sequencing phase, meaning files installed to this location are never monitored.

Consider the below scenario, you try to sequence an application and deploy the same to App-V client enabled PC. You realize that shortcut doesn’t launch as it is supposed to (Worst case, you see an App-V related error i.e “Path not Found” etc)

Best Place to start investigating the issue would be
1.    Check the Location of the executable and make sure that it’s not listed in “Exclusion List”. To view the default exclusion list, Goto Tools -> Options -> Exclusion List.
2.    Check if the directory containing the executable is not listed in the exclusion list. If yes, you will have to re-sequence the application after removing the entry from the exclusion list.

Best Practice
Goto Tools -> Options -> Exclusion List,
Remove entries like “CSIDL_PERSONAL”, “CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA” and other pertinent entries and save it as default. Click “Apply” and close the sequencer and Open it again for sequencing. This setting will ensure that files installed to those respective locations would be captured during the sequencing process


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